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Build a Data Warehouse in Less Than 30 Minutes

Don’t think it’s possible to build a data warehouse in less than 30 minutes?

The same approach used by Shopify to create e-commerce websites and Salesforce App Builder and Microsoft Power Apps to develop applications, can be applied to building data warehouses, by using low-code data estate builders.

This session will explain how to ingest data to an Operational Data Exchange (ODX), create a Modern Data Warehouse (MDW), map tables from the ODX to the MDW, create a Date dimension, create a Product dimension, create a Customer dimension, create a Sales fact table, relate the dimensions to the fact table, create a semantic model, deploy and execute the solution, and connect to the semantic model from Microsoft Power BI, all in less than 30 minutes.


Juan Carlos Chipi

Senior Manager

Truenorth Corporation

Containers Security

We will be navigating container security principles, open-source tools, and best practices for securing our runtime containers, images, and orchestrators.



Victor Recio

Sr. Cloud Engineer

Linux Dominicana

Datastoritelling with data

As technical professionals we’ve been taught to find meaning in the numbers but not to comunicate with them. There is a few key concepts we must know to develop this skill, we really need it and some times we dont even know it. Thats why I love this speach.


Giame Fajardo

Fullstack Developer


Five things I've learned as a new Engineering Manager

I’ve been a software engineer for my entire career. I’ve worked in various industries building and extending software that ranges from digital communication, to financial software and most recently healthcare technology.

When I first took the leap into people management, my career changed drastically. This talk covers important lessons I’ve learned as a new engineering manager and how you can apply those same lessons to your day to day, regardless of your role.


Zac Brown

Engineering Manager


From Software Engineer to CEO

I’ll share the highlights, lessons learned, and experiences acquired while founding a startup, growing a 100-person team and transitioning from software engineer to CEO.


David Hemmat


Umbrella Group

Generating API Client Libraries from OpenAPI Spec

Building Idiomatic API Client Libraries across multiple languages is hard. Maintaining them is doubly hard. Learn how we programmatically generate API client libraries from OpenAPI Specification files to optimize our time & value for API users.


Jordan Adler

Developer Engineering


How is "works on my machine" still a thing in 2022?

The goal of every great developer is to ensure that they are doing the best job that they can. Yet, with the advancement of software and the move to cloud-native ecosystems these past few years, things have become more difficult.

While developers used to be able to focus solely on the code that lived in their local machine, they now are also responsible for what happens once it leaves their machine and deploys to production.

Understanding what happens to your source code when you’re done writing it is a must-have skill for developers, starting from the building stage, integration, testing, and all the way through the CI/CD process.

In this talk, we’ll discuss everything the code goes through from the minute it leaves your local machine. We will dive into all the practicalities that developers need to fully own in order to step up their coding game and why they need to do so. Finally, I will share my real-life experience on what it takes to be a next-level developer through owning your whole development process.


Noa Goldman

Product Manager


Iteration in projects?: The importance of gathering critical information.

In this talk, you will learn the importance of not skipping the steps of gathering information with the client and defining the acceptance criteria, either by phases (sprints) or one development at a time.

If you are one of those who feel that clients keep asking for changes and more changes after the software project is delivered and you keep falling into this time-demanding never-ending game, then this talk is for you.


Luz Rosario

Analista de Procesos


Powering up your React app as a PWA

As web performance and user experience across both mobile and desktop devices continue to increase in importance, so do progressive web apps (PWAs). PWAs are becoming more popular because they have lots of enhancements that help your application perform better and they make apps accessible even to users with limited internet connections. In this talk, you are going to learn the advantages of using PWAs and how to turn your React application into a PWA.

User experience(UX) is extremely important to retain and scale your number of users. An important factor to increase your UX is web performance and accessibility, PWAs can help you increase this. PWAs are being used more every day and companies like Google and Microsoft invest millions of dollars a year to make this technology better for developers and end-users.


Patricio Vargas

Sr.Developer Advocate


Rust on Microcontrollers

Explain the journey and the differences between using C and C++ vs using Rust on an MCU


Pablo Oyarzo

Dominican Hardware Community


Serverless Backends para tus aplicaciones en Flutter

Roman Jaquez, GDE (Google Developer Expert) en Flutter y arquitecto de la nube certificado por Google, nos brindará un recorrido arquitectónico de cómo, al desarrollar la aplicación móvil para GDG Lawrence usando Flutter como front-end y aprovechando Google Cloud y sus capacidades serverless (sin servidor) para el backend de la aplicación (Firebase Authentication, Firebase Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage y Cloud Functions) simplificó su desarrollo sin aprovisionar servidores físicos mientras lograba escalabilidad, bajo mantenimiento y alta disponibilidad, ¡todo dentro del Google Cloud Free Tier!


Roman Jaquez

Flutter GDE, Google Certified Cloud Architect

Philips Health Systems

The business value of good UX

Diseñar una buena experiencia de usuario va más allá que solo cómo se ve una aplicación sino que está tiene un impacto importante en los KPIs del producto y en el revenue de la compañía. En esta charla quiero contar como una mala UX hace perder usuarios y hasta grandes inversiones.


Alice Perez

UX Manager


UX Engineering: Inclusive and Equitable Development in Mobile First Markets

This session highlights the importance of inclusive and equitable development in Mobile first markets and the opportunities of making your mobile app work for everyone. Users in emerging markets are considerably more technologically challenged than that of established ones and equitable development can improve usability for these users.